Meetings members get together to

The ordering of that list is not important; the presence of some drinks (and maybe a little bar food) and friendly talk is all that's needed; meetings normally take place either in a licensed establishment or close to one, somewhere in the region of the city, normally after work (6:30pm onwards).

This calendar is available as an XML or ICAL feed, or by it's ID of


From time to time, some kind person may give a presentation on something they have been working on that they are particularly happy about, or give details of tragic failures as a warning to others! If you have either story to tell please let us know and we'll schedule it. We may also get visitors from far away to talk, if they would be so kind.

Schedule of meetings

The heuristic being used is:

The first Wednesday of the Month, except as noted and confirmed by popular consensus.


There are currently no set venues - will probably migrate between several spots as determined by popular consensus. Make your suggestion on the mailinglist. If the venue has a (semi) private room that would be best.


If you wish to buy a round of drinks, I'm sure everyone will know who's paying for it. Please email a message to the mailing list offering to sponsor a round and somone will gladly accept some money from you!